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Are You Really Experiencing Life?

I've been thinking a lot about technology lately.

One thing that really made me start thinking about it more and more was something that happened to me the other day at the art gallery.

I was in Patricia Piccinini's exhibit at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane (for those of you who live in and around Brissy, definitely worth seeing) and was gazing at one of her more powerful sculptures about how blurred the line between technology and our lives have become.

A big part of Piccinini's work centres around this topic, about how we no longer have technology but we are technology, especially focusing on genetic engineering and science, shown pretty strongly in her sculpture 'young family'.

Anyway, I was standing there admiring her work when I suddenly had a look around at the other people who were all admiring it also. Not one of them, except for myself, walked past this particular sculpture without stopping to take a photo of it on their iPhones.
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