Okay so this is officially my first blog post back! YAY! I’ve made the promise to myself and now to you guys that I will post at least one post every week! As per usual it’ll be a nice mix of some travel posts, some mental health stuff and then of course, anything that goes through my head - a terrifying place to be but hopefully some of my insights will be at least mildly entertaining for you all! 

The first thing I wanted to write about today is something that has been absolutely instrumental in my life at the moment, something in the last few months I have really tapped into and has really changed the way I see the world at the moment. 


Yesterday, one of my best mates sent me a video of two men chatting about the power of mental rehearsing in your future. I’ve linked the video below for anyone that wants to watch the whole thing, but in a nutshell, there have been studies done that have shown mentally rehearsing a skill or event has actually changed the brain in the same way that practicing that skill x amount of times a day does. 

Growing up as a competitive championship dancer, I am not a stranger to the idea of mental rehearsing. I spent years of my life going over each dance in my mind before bed, every night for weeks before a competition, not only to remember the steps but also to visualise how well I would do, what position my muscles would be in and how I would wow the judges. This idea is a major part of sports psychology for athletes all around the world. 

However, what I had never considered before I watched this video was taking this skill and implementing it into my day to day life for my personal goals. Whether that be getting up earlier each morning, being more productive throughout the day or my main goal at the moment, which is to focus on being nothing but a ball of positive energy. 

I have been thinking about and focusing on this idea of energy for a few months now, there have been so many people and situations that have come into my life lately that have pushed me towards this focus recently that it is something I have really dedicated myself to improving. 

In my job as a tour guide, I come across so many people everyday. I have met some of the most inspiring and beautiful people as a part of this job, but I have also met a lot of emotionally draining, negative people. I also deal with a lot of complaints on a daily basis. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, if something in your life is a problem, if it genuinely has affected you, then you have every right to stand up and say something, to try and push for change and to try and right that wrong. 

What I don’t understand, what makes us all cringe is someone that complains an insane amount about something that didn’t really affect them that much. A train delay, some bad weather or even something as simple as them paying more than they wanted to for a meal is not a reason to then complain, drag the people around you through the mud and make a genuine fuss. 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, about just how much time we spend complaining about or listening to people complain about certain ‘non-issues’ like these and the more I think about it, the more terrified and overwhelmed I become about how much of our life it takes up. 

Think about how much more energy you could put into something positive if you just stopped listening to people complain or perhaps, it’s yourself that needs to stop complaining. We are all guilty of it, it’s just to the degree that we decide to make other people feel bad for our slight issue that differentiates us. The amount of time we decide to give to that negative situation and how much brain power we waste letting these things get us down. 

It’s time to put a stop to it. 

It’s time to make the decision to be positive. 

Focus your energy on the good things in your life, on the things that make you happy, on the silver linings. Yeah, you don’t have to think that every single thing that happens is amazing, you don’t have to be happy about every outcome and you’re allowed to rant, complain about problems in your life, as long as doing that results in a positive outcome and fixing the problem that you have. 

For all of those problems that you can’t control, why waste the energy, the time and the brain power on that. Let it go. Acknowledge that something has gone slightly wrong, that you wish it wasn’t that way, but then move your brain onto something positive. Start to appreciate the things around you, even if you don’t appreciate it all. 

Because if the entire world, today, decided to try this. To really make an effort to be more positive, more focused on the good energy in the world than the bad. The world around us would be a much better place. 

T xx


Toby Hazlett said…
Great post Taylor. I agree that our brains can be retrained over time "neuroplasticity" is achievable via mindfullness, meditation, eating right positive affirmations and all that good stuff. It can be a journey but its so worth the effort. Happyness really is a mindset. Thankyou for the article and much love! Toby

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