What I Learnt in Europe

Hey guys,

Okay so as anyone that's read my last few posts will know - I'm currently on a Contiki trip right now in Europe, which is why I haven't posted in a while.

So, I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Florence, Italy - not sure when this post will go up, but that's where I am right now.

This trip has just been insane.
I'm not going to be one of those tourists who goes into extreme detail about every single day where I was and what I was doing for a few reasons;

1. This trip has been for me, I'm not into sharing what I did with the world, they're my memories and I want some of them to stay that way
2. I know that no one really cares about that shit.

What I do want to talk about is the way in which this trip has changed my entire outlook on life in general.

So, bit of catch up for anyone who is reading my blog for the first time, 3 weeks before I came on this trip, my relationship ended.
It was hard, and I mean really hard.
I was at a point in my life during my relationship and after it ended where I was struggling a bit with stress and a lot of things were getting to me.

Anyway, this trip has completely healed me of all of that pain, made me realise how much better I can do and will do, and has just opened my eyes to what is really important in my life.

I realised now that at home, for the last few months, I haven't been concentrating on myself, I haven't been happy.

On this trip, I have taken a step back from my own head, from stress, from everything and just relaxed and enjoyed every moment.
I've enjoyed every day - regardless of whether I was exhausted and hungover (which to be honest has been most days), whether it was raining or the sun was shining, no matter what.

I've honestly met the most amazing people who have also opened my eyes incredibly to how good my life can be. People I can be myself around, people who make me laugh constantly, who's lives are just so different to mine, even a guy who I can relax with - without worrying about the future or what is happening, just focusing on the present and letting the rest happen.

And this is the way that I want to live every day from now on.
This is the way that I will live every day from now on - and I totally recommend that you do too.

This is my crucial advice to all of you:
Don't spend too much time in your own head, escape it.
Explore new places, meet new people, have flings, have conversations with people you never thought you'd talk to.
Eat new things, explore new things, be new things.

Thanks for reading guys,
When I get home and have more time I will of course be posting heaps more stuff about my actual trip for those of you who care.
Let me know in the comments what parts that you would like to hear about - or chuck me an email :)

Love you all,
xxxxxxxx T

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Sophie W said…
Hi Taylor!

It's great that you're having such an amazing time. I love your advice as, it's definitely something I try to do (gets hard at times) but it's so refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

-Sophie xx
Taylor Bekkers said…
Aw thank you so much Sophie! :)
Thanks for reading xxxx

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