Hey guys,

Okay so I have absolutely fallen in love with some new hair products I recently discovered and so I thought that I'd do a nice little post about these as I've been kind of stuck with post ideas since I got back from Europe!

So, I'll start by talking about this brand of hair care called Nak.
They're all Australian made and owned which is why they came to my attention.
I have heard so much about this brand for ages, mainly for their heat protectant spray which is supposed to be incredible, but have always sort of just forgot about it or just never got around to checking it out.

However, for Christmas I picked up a new GHD straightener and hair dryer and so therefore needed new heat protectant spray.
But then I discovered that Nak actually make this hair care range called AROMAS.
Basically they're various hair care products made with oils and various oils and natural products - they are also completely vegan friendly which is something I've been trying to keep my eye on recently when buying beauty stuff.

The first product I want to talk about from this range is the AROMAS Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner with argan oil.

These products are for coloured, highlighted and natural blonde hair.
The shampoo and conditioner are said to remove any unwanted brassy tones and adding blue and violet colour pigments.

It is made with lavender so just from that I was sold considering how much I love that smell, and then the adorable packaging as well, I didn't even really care if it worked or not.
But I've used it a few times now and I have to say, my hair has never felt healthier! It also kind of enhanced my blonde - which is coloured, which really surprised me! It's thicker and has more body than in a very long time!

I also picked up this second product, as I've been looking for something similar for a really long time. I went through a stage when I was younger where I used to bleach my hair, a lot and straighten it almost every day, without looking after it at all. So that's left it a little dead and very dehydrated.

So I found this, also from the Nak AROMAS range - AROMAS Hydra Therapy with argan oil.

So this stuff is an intensive treatment moisture bath for dehydrated, coloured hair like my own!
It also has lavender in it and also is supposed to prepare your hair for heat styling - as you can see the little sticker on the label.

This stuff I have only used once and it seemed to definitely make my hair more manageable, which is amazing as anyone that knows me will know how messy and difficult my hair is.
It smells amazing and considering it comes from this range, I think it's going to be an absolute lifesaver for me!

These products are so amazing and I can't wait to test out some of their other stuff.
And for anyone else as well that's curious, I also picked up their heat protectant spray which seems to work just as well as everyone said that it did!

For anyone that lives in Australia, you can get all of this stuff from Hairhouse Warehouse and probably other beauty shops as well like Priceline.
For anyone else, I will put the link to Nak's website down below so you guys can go and shop to your hearts content!

Thanks for reading guys!
Love you all
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