My Top 5 Melbourne Experiences

For any of you who know me, you would have heard all about the fact that last weekend, I went back home to Melbourne for the first time in 5 months.
I had an absolute blast, as most of you would have heard, and it was beyond amazing to catch up with 3 of my best friends, have a drink, a debrief and enjoy Melbourne life again for a few days. 

However, because of this, I realised that I really hadn't done many blog posts on Melbourne life, considering that I did spend 21 years of my life living and loving this (most livable city 7 years in a row) breathtaking city. 
SO, I bring you, my top 5 Melbourne/Victoria must sees! 

1. Brunch/Coffee Culture 

What are the first two things that pop into your head when you think Melbourne? AFL, Art, hipsters? Most importantly, Coffee and BRUNCH! If there is one thing that us Melburnians do really well, it's a good old smashed avo on toast at 10am on a Sunday.

There really are an array of amazing cafes all around Melbourne that specialise in this legendary mix of breakfast and lunch. But one that I reall
y wanted to mention was one that I came across last weekend. 
It was an adorable Alice in Wonderland themed cafe called 'the Hatter and the Hare' in Bayswater (about 40 mins by car/50 mins by public transport out of the CBD). 

This cafe was so cute with all of the menu items being based on Alice and Wonderland characters, the array of spectacular, colourful cakes on offer and easily one of the best big breakfasts I have ever had! (The hatter's breakfast on their menu). 
Would definitely recommend to anyone who finds themselves out that way! 

2. Art Gallery/ACMI

If there is one thing that I really love about Melbourne it's the art culture. Where do I even start with this?

The National Gallery of Victoria is incredible, with 4 levels and different exhibits that do
change seasonally, one of my favourite exhibits was one on ancient roman art around art and sexuality.

If traditional art isn't your thing, we also have ACMI which is definitely one of my favourite places in the world. It stands for Australian Centre for the Moving Image and is an art gallery that centres around TV and Film.
With one perminent exhibition, Screen Worlds, that exhibits Australian TV, film and gaming culture and moving exhibits that change seasonally, it is really an incredible experience each time you go. Some of the best ones that I have seen include the David Bowie exhibit, a Tim Burton exhibit and one that is on currently is one based on Wallace and Gromit.  

3. The Yarra Valley

This beautiful area of Victoria just sells itself really. The Yarra Valley not only has some of the best wineries and beweries in all of Aus, they also have easily the best chocolate factory in the entire world! What else do you need in life? 

I could not recommend doing a Yarra Valley tour highly enough. You can do an array of them that do leave from the city, take you out that way, through some beautiful small towns (you can even stop by Gateway Estate and try some of their famous fresh fruit and veges) and then hit up some of the most beautiful wineries you've ever seen. 

Even if you're not a huge fan of wine (strange, strange people), then you can still enjoy some of the stunning views of the Yarra Valley and indulge a bit more at the Yarra Valley chocolate factory! 

4. Mornington Penninsula   

All of the Sydneysiders and Brisbanites who constantly give Melbourne shit for having the worst beaches on the East Coast have clearly never been down to the Penninsula.

Mornington, Safety Beach and Sommerville are just three of the spectacular beachside towns that exist down on the penninsula adjacent to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
If you want a real taste of Australian beach life, grab some fish and chips on Safety Beach to watch the sunset. It doesn't get much better than that. 

5. Nightlife 

And the big one, Melbourne nightlife.

From adorable rooftop bars, to themed restaurants, to Revolver - a club that is open from midnight until 5pm (which then turns into a Thai restaurant) Melbourne really has it all! 


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