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Hey guys,

Okay so of course there are a lot of travel posts coming, I've been writing quite a few in the last few days in bits and pieces that will all be up super soon.

But I just wanted to take a second out of that to just talk about something that some of you will probably care about more than anything else I've written about so far, and some of you might not even know who I'm talking about here.
So for all of those people who don't really want to be seeing these sort of posts, I do apologize, but it's something quite close to my heart and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you all.

So this incident is the death of David Bowie.

As most of you probably know, David Bowie died on the 10th of Jan this year, just over a week ago, at age 69 after an 18 month battle with cancer.

I myself have been a massive Bowie fan for a very long time and even just recently visited the David Bowie exhibition that they had on in Melbourne about 2 months or so ago.
So this news hit me pretty hard.
I was in Europe when I heard and I just went onto the internet when I woke up to check out what was going on at home and all of a sudden, my social media was just flooded with the news.
I basically went straight into shock and didn't actually sit down and think about it until later that afternoon when I had the hotel room to myself and I sat and listened to his music and cried and mourned him.

Anyway, all of my sadness aside, it got me thinking how intense my emotions were towards the death of a person that I had never met.
And by extension, how much of an influence someone can be when we have never actually met or spoken to them. When we really don't know what they're like, their personality, but they can still completely shape our lives.

I believe that we all have at least one person like this, whether it's a musician that gives you the energy to get out of bed when you're hungover, a sportsperson that inspires you to work towards your goals, a scientist that motivates you to use your brain.
Regardless, I think everyone has someone like that.

These people can almost influence us more than people that are actually around us everyday.

And when these people's lives end, it affects you, and that's okay.
For me, the basic fact that I don't live in a world with David Bowie in it anymore breaks my heart.
It doesn't seem right.
But at the same time, it's reminded me that life is short and you really do have to make the most of it.

So basically, in this post I just wanted to thank Bowie for everything that he's done for the world, the strength he's given people, the way he's forced the world to see things from a different perspective.
And just to say thank-you, because he's influenced my life and his music will continue to live on.

Leave me a comment telling me about maybe someone in your life that you feel this way about, or maybe you don't have one and that'll get me to shut up and see something from a different perspective again.
Anyway, talk to me xxx

Love you all,
xxxxxxxx T



Anonymous said…
I've recently been thinking about this exact same thing, being a david bowie fan also but with the news of Alan Rickman I completely relate to you.
Although what I've now come to see, and I know sounds crazy but is a little odd to me.
Is that these people, almost idols, are just people, like you and I, living their lives and it almost kind of hit me in this weird way, that they're just another person somewhere.

In a way it's that that's made me believe it's possible to achieve the things they have, and have the confidence to continue enjoying everyday whilst working towards whatever dream I have.
I love that. Just thinking they're the same, and just people, and I almost can't explain why.
Taylor Bekkers said…
I totally know what you mean. It's really interesting to think of them that way isn't it?
Like we idolising them so much and at the end of the day, they have shit days and lazy days just like us, we just can't seem to fathom that.

That's so amazing to hear that you are feeling like that! I think that's super important!
No I totally get what you mean, I think it's awesome that you feel that way!
I'm sure you'll achieve great things! xx

Thanks for reading x

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