Vancouver - My Top 10 Van Experiences


I've heard a lot of mixed things about Vancouver. From people before I left home, to even people I met while I was over here.

That it's not 'real' Canada. That it's dirty and all in all, not the nicest place to be at times.
I was also told by a lot of people that Vancouver was very similar to Melbourne, that the vibe and the art culture was incredible. And, most importantly, that they had some of the best coffee in Canada.

I had a real bag of mixed expectations when I got off my flight through to Van from San Francisco. Mainly, to be honest, I was quite happy to be out of San Fran as I definitely didn't enjoy it as much as other places that I visited around America, or as much as I expected to.
But that's beside the point right now.

Vancouver has absolutely taken my breath away.

What I found the most strange however is that whilst I have absolutely fallen in love with it, none of the plethora of reviews that I read or was told, were wrong.

Vancouver is a bit dirty and grungey in places, it's also got an amazing art and music culture.
Vancouver is very different from what I imagined Canada to be like and from what I've heard other people say it is like, but that definitely doesn't mean that Van isn't just as spectacular.

One of the main things about Vancouver that has really stopped me in my tracks is the spectacular mix of city life with the most beautiful nature.
You can sit on a beach in Kitsilano and look out over the bay, the city skyline and the mountains in one glance. (Exactly what this photo encompasses)

You can be walking through Gastown, with a starbucks in your hand, on your way to have a fantastic meal, take a quick look to the right and see a view as spectacular as this one.

There is so much to see and do in Vancouver that I couldn't possibly talk about it all in prose paragraphs. So, I decided to give you guys my top 10 Vancouver must sees and must dos that I have discovered in the last month that I have been here, in no particular order.

1. Stanley Park - if you want to go and check out more of what I had to say about Stanley Park, follow this link -

2. Lynn Canyon - Lynn Canyon was spectacular also, just a beautiful hike up in the North of Van with a suspension bridge and an array of beautiful pools and waterfalls

3. Meet Restaurant in Gastown - I am absolutely in love with this place. A quaint little all vegan restaurant in Gastown.

4. Vancouver Art Gallery - I can't vouch for the entire gallery just yet as the day that I was there, they only had half of the exhibits open. But it was a beautiful way to spend the day at the Emily Carr exhibit. (it also has a great cafe, winning!)

5. The Roxy - best bar/club in Van hands down. With live music and a jumping atmosphere every day of the week, for any music and dance lovers it's a must!

6. Kitsilano - just the entire place in general. From it's dog beaches, to it's shopping and general hipster vibe, it's a fantastic place to spend a chill day!

7.  Play in the snow! - I know this probably isn't as exciting to any of my Canadian, American or European readers, but the fact that I got to run around all day in the snow was easily one of the most magical experiences of my life!

8. Smokes Poutine - best poutine in town, I don't care what anyone says! Especially any of the ones with pulled pork...

9. Granville Street - if you're big on nightlife, this is an absolute must! Some of the best bars and clubs I've ever been to, as well as all of the best drunk pizza, kebabs and poutine places open till 3am!

10. MEGABITE MAC AND CHEESE PIZZA! Do I need to say anything else?

For more photos of my Canadian adventures, check out my instagram!


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