I wanted to take a bit of time out from writing about travel for a bit and talk about another incredibly important part of my life, and a passion of mine!
Specifically, the book that I am reading at the moment, Wild.

I picked this book up at the very first hostel that I stayed at in Vancouver, the HI Downtown hostel.
They had a take a book, leave a book policy in their library which firstly, I just want to say is the best thing ever and it makes me so sad that these aren't more popular around the place.

But anyway, I honestly believe that everything that comes into your life at a certain time, does this for a reason. That there is something it has to teach you or to give you at that point in your life and if anything has proved that more for me, it's the fact that I decided to pick this book up at this point in my life.

For everyone who hasn't read the book, seen the film or heard of it just yet, Wild is a an autobiographical novel written by Cheryl Strayed. It follows Cheryl as she hikes one of the most challenging hiking trails in the world, the Pacific Crest Trail.
The trail runs from Mexico to Canada, up the West Coast of the USA.

For anyone, like myself when I came across the book, that thinks it sounds familiar but they're not sure why. Yes, it is the book that inspires Lorelai Gilmore to do her hiking trip in the new Gilmore Girls reboot. And as I thought, if it's good enough for Lorelai Gilmore, then it's good enough for me! 

Now, I'm not going to go into incredible detail about the plot because I honestly think that everyone that is even slightly interested, needs to read it!
But it goes through Cheryl's struggle through life after her Mother dies way too young. Her mental challenges, her run in with drugs and the decline of her marriage before she decides to turn her life around and hike the PCT.

This is easily one of the most inspiring and incredible novels I have ever read. It's written incredibly well, with such a strong link between the day to day struggles of the trail and the day to day struggles of real life, in such a way that even if you're not a hiker and have no interest in that area of the world, you can still relate to the main character so much.

Now, I could relate to the narrative voice of this novel so much in this point in my life, the feeling of being lost, of wandering around the world trying to find yourself, find what you want out of life and who you really are.
Which is what really stuck with me, is that this book, this random novel that I'd heard of, but had no real idea what it was about, was the one that jumped out at me in that hostel library.
As cliche as I'm sure it sounds, Wild really spoke to me and it's actually really inspired me throughout my trip to be strong, to carry on and to not let the little problems, or down days ruin the experience.

I'll finish this post with this one plea.
For anyone reading this that is, or knows someone, going through a lost part of their life. For anyone feeling empty, for anyone feeling as though they are missing a part of themselves, or don't really know who they are anymore. Visit your local book store or library, pick this book up and let it inspire you! Because it will! 


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