CHRISTMAS IS COMING - looking at xmas lights

Hey everyone,

Okay so I realised that it was probably wrong of me that's it's already the 7th of December and I've not posted anything about Christmas yet. So I thought today might be a good day to start as my boyfriend and I went driving around to look at Christmas lights last night.

So as (I'm not sure how many of you know) I live in Australia, in the outer suburbs of Melbourne to be precise, so Christmas here compared to Christmas in the US and the UK is really quite pathetic unfortunately. My parents have never really been massively into Christmas but the older I got, the more into the festive season I became, weirdly enough, I feel like in a normal person that transition would have been backward.
So the Christmas celebrations down this way are very different and very less than. I can't say how jealous I am when I'm eating an ice cream, when it's 40 degrees outside watching all of my favourite youtubers do their vlogmases in their cute Christmas jumpers around the fire with all of their Christmas hot snacks... So jealous!

NOT SO NEW LIFE GOAL: One day, I vow to spend one Christmas in the UK with my family (as in my husband and children family - when I get one of those) where I can go so insane on all of the Christmas jumpers and everything that screams white Christmas. ONE DAY!

So Christmas in Australia is very different to that. Usually it's filled with BBQs and shorts and beer.
But one part of Christmas in Aus that I just love (and I know it must be a very toned down version of it) is driving around throughout December, looking at people's Christmas light displays in their homes.

You guys will probably get at least two of these posts from me as not only will I be doing it around my area this year, but also around my boyfriend's area as he lives much closer into the city than I do, so the stuff around him will be a thousand times more impressive than the stuff around me, I mean I basically live in the middle of nowhere. (Cranbourne for anyone who is from Melbourne and wants to know just how far away from everything I am).

So anyway, with our radio blaring nice pop music (always love a bit of Shawn Mendes on a hot December night), James and I set out to drive around and check out some amazingly Christmassy Christmas lights.
We found quite a few that we loved, we were probably driving around for about 3 hours, but as you guys must know, taking good quality photos of Xmas lights is quite a challenge, but here is some of the few good ones that I did manage to take on my high tech iPhone 6S ;)

 I just have to add in here, ISN'T THAT THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. I was so obsessed with this little train, stared at it for so so long! It's just so cuteeeeeeeeee.

 This is a blow up santa on his sleigh, but my iPhone made it look like something from a horror movie... But you get the gist.

 Sign at the top says - Merry Christmas


xxxxxx T






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