Okay guys,

I know this post will be really short but I couldn't wait to share it with you guys.
So yesterday, I ended up doing some much needed Christmas shopping at the Westfield shopping centre near my house, Fountain Gate.
Anyway, I was walking around there and I found some really amazing and cheap stuff that I fell in love with, unfortunately the stuff I found I'm using as Xmas presents for my friends so I can't really share on here what I got, but I am planning on after Xmas doing a haul of what I bought all of my friends and how much it all was.

However, something that I did buy as a little treat for myself, because I can't go to the shops and not buy myself something, that's just not an option for me, but what I bought I am absolutely obsessed with and needed to share with you guys!

They are a pair of PJ bottoms from Peter Alexander. I literally just fell in love with them instantly, I'm a massive dog lover, like I mean I'm obsessed. I follow the Facebook group 'Cool Dog Group' obsessively (for anyone that hasn't heard of this and needs to, which I believe everyone needs to, I'll put a link at the end of this post).


Retail Price - $39.95
What I Paid - $31.96

I'm pretty sure that both my boyfriend who I was with at the time and also the people in the store thought I had actually gone mental. I was so so excited and I just love them so much.

Now, I got them a little cheaper than the retail price as the Peter Alexander are doing a 20% off sale right now. I just checked online and they are doing it online and in every shop at the moment, and also, for any of you who are interested I just found out that as well as this amazing sale, they are also doing free shipping on any online purchase that is over $150.
So get on that guys, I don't know how long this will last, so I recommend if you're a PJ lover like me, go now while you can and treat yourselves!

So yeah, that's all from me. Just couldn't not share this with you, and I'm literally wearing them as I write this post, PJs just make me so happy omg!!!

xxxxxx T


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