My End of Year Uni Ball

So last Friday night (Katy Perry reference not intended), my university held an end of year ball, similar to a formal.

It was a really interesting, confusing and emotionally exhausting night to be honest. Not your average formal night.
So I guess I'll start at the beginning.

The day leading up to the formal was actually pretty fun. I spent it at my boyfriends house getting ready, his sister doing my makeup - which was absolutely amazing, she's extremely talented and I'll leave links to her youtube channel at the bottom of this post.
So I ended up getting there around 11, and then all three of us went down to KFC for what was clearly a healthy, revitalising lunch.... (may have been a tiny bit of stress eating on my part). And then my makeup got done.

If you can ignore how high my eyebrows are raised, which seems to be a reoccuring theme for me in almost every selfie I've ever taken. A lot to do with the fact that I have a forehead almost as big as the moon and I hate it.

Anyway, this is what my makeup ended up looking like, which then brought on what I'm sure was a very frustrating time for my boyfriend as I refused to let him kiss me or touch my face or let anything else touch my face for the next 4-5 hours before we actually left for the ball itself.

I ended up just straightening my hair and very simply pinning what is left of my fringe from the side fringe craze of 2011 off to the side to create a small side quiff.

So as you can imagine, me being ready about 4-5 hours early made me desperate as I incessantly nagged my boyfriend to get ready so that we could start taking the millions of photos that I was sure to take that night. By the time he finally gave in to that and I started snapping photos of us, while he was actually getting ready, we had about a half hour or so to spare before we had to leave.

The countless photos of us started out really nicely, but by the end, ended up kinda 'interesting'. Yeah let's call it interesting.

Yeah... interesting...

Anyway, so the actual ball was, look I wouldn't call it the best night of my life at all..

The live band, was amazing, probably I only thought that because of the fact that they were playing a few 80s songs, and I'm a sucker for anyone who plays Footloose in my vicinity.
The food was regular formal food, barely any of it.. I mean, I feel as though if anyone who was planning a formal just said 'screw it, let's get everyone McDonalds nuggets', it would probably be one of the best nights of my entire life.

NEW LIFE GOAL: Create a formal occasion where the entire entree, main and desert, are just McDonalds chicken nuggets....

So anyway, yeah in all of those aspects it was a normal formal occasion, just like my year 12 formal or... well, that's the only real formal event I've ever been to..
It was the people that the events that happened that made the night, less than perfect.

We were sitting on a table with 3 other couples that we knew from uni, one of them being my high school best friend and her boyfriend.
Well, the issue here is that my high school best friend, while I love her to absolute pieces, she isn't a major fan of my boyfriend. So, I was pretty much running consistent interference between the two of them all night. Exhausting right?
Makes it even harder that my boyfriend is probably one of the most talkative and interactive (I know that sounds weird to say but it's the only real way that I can explain it) people I know, and whilst I love him for that, it makes it incredibly difficult to run interference between him and anyone. I'm talking 'trying to talk me out of watching Harry Potter' difficult. It's near impossible.

So not only was that happening, but also my best friend had a pretty bad toothache during the night. Poor thing ended up leaving pretty early with her boyfriend, where they had a room in the city.

So to paint a picture of the other couples on our table, one couple were incredibly cute and intimate, which I find adorable except that they barely spoke to anyone else that night. And the other are those people that just sort of are there, but then a second after you look away, they're gone. Talking to god knows who, they seem to be friends with everyone.
Considering that my best friend and her boyfriend were really the couple that was holding the whole table together, after they left, the night just got really sort of haphazard, and (I don't even know how to explain this) just sort of, empty.
Most likely because with the exit of half of my interference problem, my stress levels went from a 10 to a 2, and for anyone that knows me.... my stress levels are usually, at best, a 7.

So after they left, it was only about an hour before everyone else left as well. And, well, that's the end of that chapter. (anyone who gets that Simpsons reference, pls tell me in the comments so that we can be friends for life).

So that ends the tale of the worst formal occasion I've ever attended..

Thanks for reading guys, please let me know if anything similar has ever happened to you or even if you enjoyed reading the sad tale of my Friday nights in the comments :) xxxxxxx

My boyfriends sisters youtube channel:


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