Hey everyone,

Firstly just a quick announcement, as of today I have decided that to keep my blog organised and to make it easier for you readers, I'm going to be posting 2 updates a week. One on a Friday night and one on a Sunday night, hopefully both around 5pm.
So yeah, if you guys wanna keep up to date with this blog, that's when new posts will be up :)

So today, I'm going to post something way more upbeat than my last few posts! Hopefully it will make everyone smile, and if it makes even one of you smile then my mission is complete! 

So today at my work, they had a family day event where we got a bunch of activities for kids set up and it was like this whole event.
It. Was. Amazing.

There was a colouring in table, some finger puppet making, some balloon decorating and we had a balloon artist and a face painter come in for the kids as well.

So, being the idiot that I am, I decided to get my face painted! I got a dinosaur from the new disney pixar film, The Good Dinosaur (comes out on Boxing Day here in Australia) - link for the trailer is in the links section of this post - on my face.

LOOK HOW COOL IT LOOKS THOUGH SERIOUSLY. I literally never want it to come off.

But I was thinking, one great thing that I think about being an adult now, instead of a teenager is that I feel as though it's not embarrassing and you don't get as judged being a young adult that likes kids stuff. I mean, I think it's almost becoming a trend now.
With these new colouring in books for adults, I have one which I actually bought today as my old one got all wet so I had to through it out. But these have just gone insane, I assume it's as big in the UK and the USA as it is here in Australia, but like every single bookshop now just has shelves and shelves of them.

I got mine today in Kmart, for $12, however there were ones there that were $9.
I also got the pencils from Kmart and those were $5 for 24 different colours.

I just love the fact that these have gotten so big because, as I said, for adults now it's almost a trend to be into kids stuff.

One thing that I will say that I probably love the most out of all of the kids stuff that happens is kids movies. Disney Pixar movies are literally my entire life.
I work at a cinema, and I know for the last year since I started working there, every single childrens cartoon movie that has come out I have seen.

Inside Out
Hotel Transylvania 2

Literally all of them. I LOVE THEM.

One I really do want to put special mention to is inside out. Best Disney Pixar movie I've ever seen (which is pretty much all of them), one of the best movies I have ever seen. I totally recommend it to anyone, especially anyone that is interested in psychology because some of the ideas and stuff is just fascinating.
Please if you are even the tiniest bit into kids movies pLEASE go and see it, you won't regret it!
I'll also include a link to the trailer below.

But you know what? I think that the idea that these things are for kids should just be thrown out of the window.
I'm a mature 19 year old and I love face painting, and carnivals and kids movies and colouring in.


I wanna hear from you guys!
Let me know in the comments if you love kids stuff as much as me... Maybe I'm just a weirdo!

Thanks for reading guys!
Love you all
xxxxxxxxxx T


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