Post Break Up Thoughts

So obviously, I have been thinking a lot in the last few days, since my breakup, about how important it is to learn to deal with yourself, your own emotions and how to deal with pain.

Pain is such a broad word that I can't even begin to describe it.
It's similar to the word 'love'.

In Greece, they have four different words for love.

Agápe - meaning brotherly love, charity love and the love of man for God and God for man.
Éros - meaning romantic and sexual love
Philia - meaning affectionate, friendship love
Storge - meaning the love of parents for children

Ever since I first learnt that, I've always thought it was amazing. Because love comes in many, many different forms.
The only other one that I would add is love for a hobby or object, but I guess, that probably wasn't too much of a big deal in people's lives back in ancient Greece, when the language was created.

Anyway, I think that this should also be a thing for pain.

There are many different types of pain, all of which have different remedies.

There is physical pain vs emotional pain.
Sharp, stabbing pain vs slow aching pain.
Pain that lasts an hour, a day vs pain that stays with you for the rest of your life.

There is pain that a hug from a friend and a bit of sleep can fix.
And there is pain that no amount of love, affection, sleep or junk food can fix, a pain that is only fixed or lessened by time.

I have dealt with a lot of pain in my life of all sorts.
I was a professional highland dancer for 9 years and through that have felt the pain of loss, the physical pain of more injuries than I can even count and the tired and worn out physical pain after the end of a hard training session.

Having had to deal with my anxiety my entire life and my depression for the last few years, I have felt the emotional and mental pain of that.
The pain of being terrified of things 24/7 and having to get over that, or missing out on things because of that.
The pain that you never think is going to go away when you have depression, where you just don't feel as though life is worth living or like anything is ever going to be good again.

But this pain that I am experiencing right now, the pain that only time can fix, the pain of losing someone and something that you love.
This pain was never something that I had prepared for.
And only time will heal it, which by far is the most upsetting and debilitating thoughts, as it brings with it a feeling of such helplessness that is just very difficult to deal with.

But I will say, that one thing that is making it feel, not better, but making me feel as though I can and will get through it, that it's okay and it's really not the end of the world, is the support that I'm getting from other people.
People that I never thought really cared as much as they obviously do about me.
Even some people that I've only met once or twice.
And definitely some of you guys that have been commenting on my posts on here.

So I leave you guys with this piece of advice:
If you see someone is going through a hard time, regardless of who it is, show them your support. Tell them that you hope they're okay.
When people are dealing with pain such as this, they're never going to push away anyone that wants to help them, even if they don't take your help, I can guarantee you that the thought that there are people that want to help will make them know that this will be okay.

You truly do never know how much of an impact you can have on someones life by the things you do and say, even if it is just as simple as commenting on something that they posted online.

Go out, and spread love!
And for everyone going through a similar thing, just know that as much as I know it doesn't feel like it right now, it will get better.
And if ANYONE, absolutely anyone needs someone to talk to, chuck me an email or message me on twitter (I'll put my email address and other social media in the links section).

xxxxxxx T


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Sophie W said…
Hey Taylor! I replied to your comment on my post :)

I think this was a very important to share, it's definitely a useful piece of advice. And it's so cool that you do highland dancing!
-Sophie xx
Taylor Bekkers said…
Aw thank you!! I thought, I'm in a shit ton of emotional pain so I might as well use it to help other people!!!

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