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Hey guys,

I decided to put this little post together for something a bit more lighthearted after my few breakup posts lately.

I am going to Europe on the 6th of January for a contiki tour and I thought that I would put together a little list of all of my travel essentials and where I got them for anyone who may be travelling soon, or knows someone that is.

My trip is a contiki through Spain, France and Italy called the Medditeranean Highlights tour - I'll put a link to the information about it in the links section.
After this however I am also going to London for 5 days to do some football stuff and just have a few more days away.

So, considering that I am going in the middle of European winter, a few of my essentials on this list are for cold climates like that, so of course if you were travelling somewhere in summer some of these may not apply. But the majority of these items are things that I think are essential for any travel at any time of the year!

Hope you guys enjoy xx

A few little housekeeping items: 

Bag tag and passport cover 
Officeworks Fountain Gate
$40 for the two items
I don't know about you guys but I just always feel better when my stuff matches so I just love these!

Adaptor Plugs 
USB ports - Officeworks Fountain Gate
Wall port UK 
Kathmandu Fountain Gate

Okay so I lost the covering for the USB port one, but those ones are interchangable for heaps of different countries (Aus/NZ, Asia, UK & Europe).

Kardashian travel bag 

This one I got for my 18th birthday from my ex-boyfriend's parents so I'm not sure where it was from or how much it was, sorry guys.

I do know though, that they have some really great ones in Forever New right now for about $40.

Portable Makeup Bag 

Typo Doncaster

Books for the flight over 

For me, this is crucial, but I mean, books are crucial for me pretty much everywhere I go.
If you guys are interested in what these books are, I posted a book haul post on my book blog which I'll put in the links section for you guys xx

Jet Ease Jet Lag Prevention Tables

Kathmandu Fountain Gate

Okay I will say this, I've never used these before and I'm a little skeptical as to how exactly they will work, if they will.
They are supposed to just relieve the symptoms of jet lag but I guess we will see.

For the weather in Europe:


Kathmandu Fountain Gate
$29.98 each

These are a definite need, thermals are quite possibly one of the best inventions ever, especially in the snow

Duck Down Puffer Vest

Kathmandu Fountain Gate
$299.98 (on sale at the moment for $149.00)

I am literally in love with this colour, and it also matches my makeup bag!


Payless Shoes Fountain Gate
$15 (on sale)
Size 8

So yeah, I feel like I'm probably missing a million things but this was my haul from the other day :)

Let me know if I'm missing anything or if I should go and check out anything that you guys have come across when it comes to travel!

Thanks for reading guys,
Love you all
xxxxxxxxxx T


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Life And Lights said…
I love looking at travel essentials, I flew to Europe this year from Sydney and it so surprising how much you need. I've never seen those Jet-Lag tablets before, my only thing that fixes jet-lag is simply just pushing yourself to stay awake during their day and sleep during there night and before you know it, you'll be in a routine. Great post x

Gina |
Taylor Bekkers said…
Oh wow, where abouts did you go in Europe?
Yeah I agree, that's my past experience too, I was so surpised when i found them, may as well give them a try and see what happens!

Thank you so much, and thank you heaps for reading xxx
Life And Lights said…
I visited London, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Austria and others, and I took photo's from all the places and posted them on my blog if you wanted to check them out. You're blog is lovely to read (plus it's nice to support a fellow Australian) xx

Gina |
Taylor Bekkers said…
That sounds amazing, I'll definitely be going onto your blog to check them out!
I really want to go to Germany and Greece one day, on my next trip I think, they just sound so beautiful!

Thank you so much, I checked out your blog before and I loved it! Definitely going to be following your stuff from now on! xxxx
Sophie W said…
I love the matching tags! Probably makes it easier to spot your luggage too.
Eleanor and Park is such a cute book! I finished it a little while ago. I also finished Fangirl on the flight to Switzerland and you were right, it's a great book! The fell right into the story.

Sophie xx
Cindy Jang said…
Tay I love your posts I do! But this ones hilarious since you seemed super prepared but after u got here you borrowed literally almost everything from Maddie and by the end of it you asked me if I had any socks.... clean or dirty it didn't matter HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU MAN.
BUT HONESTLY I dp love ur posts keep em coming
Taylor Bekkers said…
love you so much :')
Taylor Bekkers said…
oh it was such a god send - the tags I mean, so amazing! and for sure so happy that i didn't take a black suitcase, every suitcase just looked exactly the same!

awww im so happy that you liked it! <3

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